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“Spiritual food through musical mood”


The roots of my interest in creative writing (poems) and song writing lie in my youth in the early 1960s. I had been taking piano lessons for some years when, inspired by the Beatles, I bought a guitar in 1964 and began to play it with some friends. Suddenly, as if from nowhere tunes and words came into my mind.

I wrote my first song in a couple of minutes, and this is the third song on my CD Glimtarna är livet. Since then, and having written silly poems as a teenager, I have been in touch with my creativity and rate this experience as the most important in my life.

When I began to study theology in 1970, which I chose because I thought it would be the best discipline in which to find answers to my questions related to being-in-the-world, I was also writing songs as I had done in the late sixties. I recorded them at the time, and in 2010 transferred them onto a CD entitled René Gothóni Nostalgic 1966-1971.




The value of these songs is perhaps not so much in the technical quality, as the original recording equipment was very modest, but more in the fact that they came into being out of nowhere. For me personally this is the most fascinating thing in the world.

I proceeded rather well in my studies, and my professor encouraged me to do research and to pursue an academic life. This has been rewarding in that this kind of writing is a creative act, too.

However, now at the age of sixty-one I have again started to empty my desk drawers of songs I wrote between 1972 and 2011, and I have recorded them with new enthusiasm.

I have really enjoyed this renewed experience of creativity both in finishing the texts and composing the piano and guitar accompaniment. The result is the CD Glimtarna är livet.

The message I aim to convey in the text and the musical arrangements is that it is the evasive glimpses of life that really comprise life. The more we reflect upon the different phases in our life from a humoristic perspective, the more meaningful our life becomes.
The texts of the songs in my new CD reflect my positive outlook on life and my firm belief in living out my inherent creative potential to the full. My motto is “spiritual food through musical mood”. The more humble and sincere the creative person is the more beautiful the creation will become. My songs come from my heart, and my aim is to capture life’s universal feelings and sentiments.

· René Gothóni Nostalgic 1966-1971. Helsinki: 2010.
· Glimtarna är livet. Helsinki: 2011.
· How Are You Today? Helsinki: 2013.




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