René and
    Rhythms of Life at the control room

Ilkka Virto

A Pilgrimage Tracing the Rhythms of Life

The greeting How Are You Today? begins this philosophical journey of reflections on how we live our lives. The songs that follow echo the different rhythms of modern life in cities. After All These Lonely Years, A Free Afternoon and Goodbye express the agony of being separated from one’s love. Got To Get A Joker In My Home, A Simple Melody and All My Heart Desires remind us that, once in a while, we need someone to cheer us up. My Own City is dedicated to cities in which living is good. Going To The Go Inn echoes the tentative steps of young adults. Lonely Soul underlines the importance of changing one’s view of life in hours of need. Out Of The Blue and Knowing What I Miss reflect the longing for someone to come into one’s life unexpectedly.
Cosy Rosy paraphrases the French cinq à sept culture and the habit of taking a day off with the love of one’s life. Kiss Me expresses the difficulty of living in harmony. When I’m Next To Your Heart describes how, over the years, we tend to grow apart, and Give Me Your Hand invites us to cultivate generosity. Is there a life after death? This Is How Much I Love You and In My Mind articulate inner discussions with deceased love ones. Lullaby is dedicated to the parents and grandparents of newly born babies: the birth of a child always holds some kind of mystery. Finally, the answer to the question How Are You Today? is to be found in Life Is Smiling Sweetly, which expresses the joy and importance of good and lasting friendship.
»One instantly recognizes oneself and one’s rhythm of life in the lyrical reflections», the producers Robi de Godzinsky and Mikko Virto remarked after hearing the pieces for the first time. »Many will conceive of the songs as balsam for the soul!»

CD information:

René Gothóni ― Vocals, Guitar, Lead Guitar, Piano, Electronic Piano, Whistling (track 2)
and Synth Horn (tracks 1, 15 and 16)
Robi de Godzinsky ― Double Bass, Electric Bass, Vibraphone (track 16), Sousaphone
and Synth Flute (tracks 2 and 11)
Mikko Virto ― Drums, Djembe (tracks 12 and 18), Rhythm Eggs (track 18), Synth Bass,
Vocals (tracks 3, 7, 8 and 15). Additional Virtual Instruments and syntheziser
arrangements and editing (tracks 14 and 19)

Choir ― Anna Bengelsdorff-Lindstedt, Annette Gothóni, Lili Lindvall,
Elisabeth Schauman, Gabriella Sköld, Gunilla Sandberg and
Marit Seppäläinen (tracks 1, 6 and 20)
Ilkka Virto ― Trombone (tracks 11 and 12) and Piccolo Trumpet (track 12)

All arrangements by René Gothóni, Robi de Godzinsky and Mikko Virto
Basic tracks recorded and mixed at SoundTeam Godzinsky Studio, Kirkkonummi, Finland
Additional recording at Rio Road Studio, Helsinki, Finland
Additional mixing by Mikko Virto
Mastered by Robi de Godzinsky

All songs written by René Gothóni
Produced by Robi de Godzinsky and Mikko Virto

Cover Photograph by Timo Peltonen
Other Photographs by Ilkka Virto and Mikko Virto
Layout by Mikko Virto




© René Gothóni 2013